Introducing Flowerwork: A new way for development teams to work together to ship every day

Patrick Wiseman

Why is it that salespeople are judged by quotas and marketing people are judged by lead generation, but development teams have no similar, quantifiable output against which they’re measured?

Flowerwork exists to help change that.

At Flowerwork we believe the best software is made by teams that work together to ship every day. Our platform empowers your team to do just that by shortening your review cycles and cross-pollinating your best ideas.

The benefits of shipping more: Inside the Flowerwork point of view

Most development teams don’t ship enough code to production, and we’re on a mission to change that with preview environments.

The need to ship more – and the business benefits of doing so – is glaringly obvious: It can shorten feedback loops to give your team more time to iterate on new releases and, therefore, offer more chances to get things right.

But if the benefits are so obvious, why don’t more teams do this already? Quite simply, because it’s not easy.

A lot of development work gets stuck in pre-production review as a result of how teams typically collaborate during this phase. Let’s face it: Anyone who’s done a traditional code review will tell you it’s hard.

Flowerwork’s preview environments offer a new approach to this process; one that makes collaboration faster, easier, and more inclusive for business users.

How Flowerwork makes it happen: Under the hood of what we do

Flowerwork’s preview environments help technical teams look at their work from the perspective of users by default before digging into what the code looks like. In doing so, they help teams answer the question of: Does this work as intended?

Preview environments are infinite, elastic pre-production environments designed to focus testing plans only on what’s changed in each pull request, eliminating the need to run an entire regression test when only one or two elements have changed.

At the same time, they also make it possible to get product and design teams involved in the feedback process earlier, since they can look at preview environments simply by clicking on a link rather than having to wait until a new feature is live in production to first see it.

This easy access can significantly shorten feedback loops between technical teams and business users, in large part by making sure QA teams can capture all of the feedback from key stakeholders earlier on in the process.

Why now: Our take on why it’s time to make a change

With the shift to remote work during the pandemic, more teams are operating in a fully remote or hybrid mode than ever before. This situation makes the need to democratize access to reviews through preview environments highly critical, as that is the only way to ensure visibility across the board.

Furthermore, we believe that while the last ten years was focused on platforming Continuous Integration best practices, the next ten years will be focused on platforming Continuous Delivery best practices.

While we believe now is the perfect time for teams to make this change, this approach is actually not new. Fast-growing companies like Salesloft, Calendly, GitHub, Stripe, and Hey have embraced Continuous Delivery processes like this for years with great success.

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If you’re looking for more visibility into product development, shorter feedback loops across the business, and the opportunity to get more new features in front of customers more often, you’ve come to the right place.

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