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Code reviews are hard. Teams that review their products from a user's perspective provide better feedback. Preview environments empower your team to give high-fidelity reviews quicker. Save time and money with superior results.

A better way to review code

Install Flowerwork Connect on your GitHub organization and each time you open a pull request we'll setup a preview environment and send your team the link.

Stay on top of what is going on

Flowerwork lets you browse and keep up with the current state of your development efforts through preview environment.

Always online

Preview environments are available for every pull request. We'll drop you the link when we first deploy and each time you push updated code so you can know you're viewing the latest.

Cloud native costs

We deploy your preview environments on your own infrastructure and let you pay cloud native costs for your resources on your favorite cloud.

No configuration required

We will build your code directly from GitHub without any additional configuration and store container images in your GitHub package registry.

Always in the loop

Keeping up with the hand offs between review and remediation and release can be tough. We meet you where you work to keep you in the loop.

Slack notifications

Each time a preview environment is created or updated we'll send a notice in Slack to let you know.

Release emails

As pull requests get merged we'll notify your team with release emails. You can get every notice or opt for a daily or weekly digest.

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Review faster

Everything you need to preview your app

No more excuses, only effortless collaboration

Automatic image builds

Each time you push to GitHub we'll build a container image using Cloud Native Buildpacks and upload it to your GitHub packages registry.

Faster Previews

Add the flowerwork label on a pull request and we'll setup a preview environment and drop you the link.

Powerful Configuration

We have better tools to support configuring preview environments for authentication, webhooks, and more.

SSL Certificates

We use LetsEncrypt to generate SSL certificates for every preview environment and all traffic is secure by default.

Advanced Security

We use Cloud Native Buildpacks use compliance best practices and regularly receive security updates.

Datastore Addons

Apps need data. We have one-click support to add the most common datastores to your preview environments.